Journal of School Health Special Issue Highlights CDC Research on Evidence-based Strategies for School Nutrition and Physical Activity

By Jenna Michaels

 In this special, open access issue of the JOSH, CDC draws on the last 10 years of research to identify evidence-based strategies schools can use to improve students’ and staff nutrition and physical activity knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. The strategies span across eight areas that have proven to be most critical: (1) school nutrition, (2) physical education and physical activity, (3) health education, (4) school environment and physical and social-emotional well-being, (5) out-of-school time, (6) family and community engagement, (7) school employee health and well-being, and (8) a coordinated school health approach.

In these articles, CDC identified low- and no-cost interventions for US schools to maximize every student’s potential for health and academic achievement.