Missouri MOve Smart

By Kevin

Fit-Tastic! Partner Spotlight video featuring Lisa Farmer and Emily Meissen-Sebelius

MOve Smart Child Care is a program that recognizes early care and education (ECE) facilities for following best practices in physical activity with children birth through age five (5). Recognition is awarded by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Young children may not be reaching physical activity recommendations. Research has shown that average preschoolers may only get about 25 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity during the child care day and they are sedentary or seated for over half of the day. MOve Smart Child Care defines and teaches ECE programs to implement 12 practices or criteria that can make a big difference in how active children are.

Recognition is voluntary, but if a child care has decided to be MOve Smart, all staff must work as a team to make it happen. There are two levels of recognition. The Core Level is awarded for following the first six (6) criteria. Advanced Level is awarded for following all twelve (12) criteria.